I'm Jake Parker

I love making stuff. When I was five years old I wrote and drew a storybook then bound it together with tape. It was my first stab at self publishing.

I've been doing it ever since.

After selling my self published books for years from my blog, in 2008 I decided it was time to set up a proper online shop. It's the perfect outlet, combining my creativity with my entrepreneurial endeavors. Much of my day work is done in collaboration with studios, publishers, and clients. But everything in this shop is 100% me. From art books to prints, it's all a part of a singular vision that I carry with me and share with you through these printed creations.

In an age when so many connections are made via pixels and glass screens, it's nice to hold something real that someone else has made. This online shop is my little corner of the internet where I hope to share the things I've made with you. 

Thanks for stopping by.