The Lucky Star Cutaway Vellum Print
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The Lucky Star Cutaway Vellum Print

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    Ultra cool see-through print effect

    - Vellum overlay

    - Art print base

    - 11 x 14 inches (standard frame size)


    This is something I've wanted to try for years, but never had a good excuse to do. I absolutely LOVE cutaways and overlays and while I was working on the cutaways for my spaceships book I thought, "Why not make this an ultra-cool handcrafted print set?" I made a few samples and they are just so darn cool, so I decided to make them add-ons for the Spaceships Kickstarter. And now YOU can get them too.

    Each print comes with TWO sheets:

    1) A vellum see-through overlay with line work only:

    2) A print with the full color cutaway drawing for the base:

    When you combine them, the effect is captivating. I find myself just staring at this print, then flipping the sheet up and down:

    They are 11x14 inches which is a standard frame size you can get at Target, or Michaels, so you don't break the bank framing this thing. And boy do they look cool framed:

    Here's a close up:

    You can buy them individually, or buy 2 and get one free!