DRAWINGS Books Have Shipped!

DRAWINGS books are making their way onto people's desks!

I shipped over 800 books last week across the world. People are loving their DRAWINGS books. Here's what a few have said:

  • "Whenever I feel a creative block I sit down and just look through these books and the block is gone. I also love how a lot of the construction lines are left in many of the pictures so I get a sense of process. These are the best personal artist sketchbooks that I have seen." - @livingsteelsaga

  • "I've been following Jake's work online for years and it feels good to be able to hold it in your hand. I have kids and we sit down at the table a lot and draw while flipping through these books. They're well made books and look awesome." - @joshadamboyd

  • "I love seeing Jake's work online, but there's definitely something special about holding it in your hand in print form. It's like Jake's given us permission to hold his personal sketchbook, and we can flip through it, learn from it, as much as we want." -@jeremyillustrates


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