Drawing A Cupid Bot

What if Cupid used an army of robots to carry out his work? That was the idea this week when I sat down to do a Valentines Day themed drawing. 

I used the supplies I got this month from my Art Snacks box and submitted this to the monthly #artsnackschallenge

I took process photos so I could share them here:

Step 1: Photoshop Sketch

 Step 2: Print the sketch out

Step 3: Get art tools ready

Step 4: Overlay vellum and trace the sketch

Step 5: Base rendering stage

I also removed the sketch underneath and erased the smudging outside the drawing.

Step 6: More rendering

Step 6: (Cont) More rendering 

Step 7: Erase smudging again

Step 8: Add highlights and reds

Finished image I posted online:

These art supplies from my Art Snacks box worked great. I highly recommend them. A list of the supplies can be found here:

February 2017 ArtSnacks box

To subscribe to ArtSnacks click here, and use the code: JAKEPARKER to get 10% off your first month of supplies.

For a list of the other art supplies I use go here:

Jake Parker Tools Page

That's all for this transmission. See you next week!



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