Travelers of the Five Kindgoms

Hello you,

Wow, what a month October was! Inktober was massive this year with over 3 Million posts on Instagram alone. I...I can't even wrap my brain around that. So, I'll just leave that there and tell you about my Inktober project this year.

The plan was to take this sheet of paper and draw a new character on it each day of the challenge. 

This sheet ended up getting filled and I had to add on a second sheet in order to fit all the characters. Here's how it ended up:

The response to this piece was overwhelming with many people demanding I make a print of it.

So I did.

The print comes in three different colorways: Black + White, Red, and Blue:

Here's more details:
- 12.5 in x 38 in on Coated Cover Stock
- limited edition comes signed, numbered, and a drawing of a 32nd traveler
- poster edition comes signed
- Includes guidebook with character stories and map

About that guidebook and map...

I wrote a little background info for each of the characters as I posted them throughout the month. I wanted to include those with the print somehow so I decided to make a little guidebook to go along with the print.

And because I love maps so much I thought I'd make a map of the Five Kingdoms as well.

The prints come in two editions: Limited Fine Art and Poster. 

Limited Fine Art is pricey because I do a drawing on it. It's also printed on heavier paper. It's limited because I'm only doing 50 of each color.

Poster edition is a lot cheaper, because it's on lighter weight paper. But I am signing these ones too.

If you'd like one for yourself, or if you want to give one as a gift for Christmas click below:

I'll start shipping them out next week. 


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