The Mounted Riders of DRAWINGS IV

First things first, DRAWINGS IV is at the printers! I uploaded all the files and they are working on the book. I should be getting a schedule from them soon so I know when exactly the books will be finished.

As I was putting the print files together I noticed a theme that developed over the course of the year: mounted riders.

I can explain why I kept returning to the mounted rider theme. My goal as an artist is to present a story with each image I draw. I want there to be blanks the the viewer has to fill in. In that way the story becomes a shared experience, both myself and the viewer contributing to the final piece. 

I guess that is why I like the image of a traveler in between locations. They inspire curiosity.

Where are they from?

Why are they traveling?

Are they running from something?

Or are they searching for something?

What is their destination?

So many questions!

Hopefully these drawings get you to start fabricating your own answers that become a foundation to build your own stories. 

I love mounted riders so much, I'm thinking that maybe I should just do 100 of them and get it out of my system.

That's it for this transmission. See you next week!



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