Knight Owl and a little known OWL FACT

As I was putting together my latest DRAWINGS book I saw that I had several drawings of a character I came up with called KNIGHT OWL:

He was a character I made up randomly in the background of this drawing:

People really liked the character, and then I started getting commission requests for him:

Then people started asking how he worked. Was he a large owl wearing armor, or a small owl piloting a robot suit? To answer those questions I drew this:

To which someone informed me that owls don't have hands. I thought that couldn't be true. I remember learning about how owls had a second set of talons tucked away under their wings. I did some research and found that it was only one species of owl, the Western American Bellows Owl. Sadly, they are on the endangered species list. Here's the only known photo of one:

As for Knight Owl, he could show up in a comic idea I have after I finish up with SkyHeart. I might team him up with Battle Chicken!

If you like these Knight Owl drawings and you want more, they are collected in my latest book DRAWINGS IV.

That's it for this transmission. See you next week!


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