Reprinting DRAWINGS

This is the book that started the DRAWINGS series.

The first printing sold out in 2015. Over the last two years I've heard over and over again, "Will you reprint DRAWINGS?"

After careful consideration, I've decided to go for it and reprint the book

But reprinting a book like this costs several thousands of dollars. In order to get DRAWINGS reprinted I need to take pre-orders to offset those initial costs. Pre-orders are also a way to gauge interest so I'll know how many I need to print to meet the demand.

The books will be printed and shipped in March. This is to give me time to acquire enough pre-orders (2 weeks), time to print the books (4 weeks), and time to sign and pack them up (1 week). 

I also decided that I needed to update the cover to match the graphic design of the other books in the series. These books will look great sitting together on your desk or bookshelf. 

In getting the book prepped for printing again, I've had a chance to revisit the art in this book. Some of it is 5 years old, and it's amazing to see how far I've progressed as a draftsman in those years. What's also interesting to me is how some of these ideas are still fresh to me. There's worlds that I created in some of these drawings that I want to revisit. 

I didn't realize that would be the purpose these books serve in my life when I made this first book back in 2013. I mostly made them for other people who expressed interest in my work online. Instead of scanning through images made of pixels behind glass screens, I made them to have something physically tangible a person could hold and study.

I had no idea then how much I would use these books too. By collecting my best drawings in physical books the artwork remains accessible to me. Because they are in a book now they stay on my bookshelf or table and act as reference books. I look at them often; way more than my old sketchbooks I've archived away in a drawer.

I'm taking pre-orders for the book now, along with pre-orders for the newest installment DRAWINGS IV. 



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