Welcome to the NEW MrJakeParker.com SHOP

Welcome my brand new online shop! I've had some form of online shop since 2008, and before that I sold books off of my website via paypal buttons. It's always been a great excuse for me to make tangible things and earn a little cash on the side. 

I am humbled and grateful for so many people who have supported my work through buying my books, prints, and original art. As my shop has grown over the years it has become not just a bigger part of my income, but a place for experimentation and exploration. I've learned so much about making books and self publishing because of this shop. It's got me itching to try more avenues of creative expression. 

With that, I've got big things planned this year. I'll be branching out into a few other areas. I wish I could talk about it now, but not yet. Not until things are in a better position for sharing. Can't wait to show you though.

This "news" section will serve as a "What's Up" with the shop. Any time I'll launch a new book or print I'll be sharing the details here.

In the meantime, while I get things up and running here, feel free to contact me about any suggestions you have for the shop. Me or my assistant will get back to you asap.



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